President Gregory Vincent Resigns

The Board of Trustees at Hobart and William Smith Colleges announced on Friday, April 13 that President Gregory J. Vincent ’83 would be resigning as the 27th President of Hobart and the 16th President of William Smith. The announcement comes in the midst of an investigation into claims that President Vincent plagiarized parts of his 2004 dissertation, which was completed for a Ed.D. degree at … Continue reading President Gregory Vincent Resigns

Seating Opinions: Jackie Fisher

At the end of March, the Classes of 2018 voted to decide between joint seating and processions for commencement or separate seating and processions by college. The debate prompted discussion about gender differences and inclusivity within the coordinate system. To shed greater light on the discussion the Herald asked three campus leaders and active participants in the conversation to express their views in print. By Jackie … Continue reading Seating Opinions: Jackie Fisher

Social Space & Social Responsibility in Fraternities

By The Herald News Team As with many other colleges and universities, fraternities play a dominating role in social life at Hobart and William Smith Colleges and, as a side effect of their social role on campus, are frequently tied to instances of sexual assault. The 2017 Higher Education Data Sharing Consortium (HEDS) Sexual Assault Campus Climate Survey found that of the 46 students who self-reported … Continue reading Social Space & Social Responsibility in Fraternities

Troubling Statistics of Campus Sexual Assaults

By The Herald News Team The National Criminal Justice Reference Service published two reports under the U.S. Department of Justice, one in December 2000 and another in December 2007, which highlight troubling facts about campus sexual assaults: nationally in more than 90 percent of rapes and unwanted sexual contact incidents on campus, the student did not report. This is based on the December 2000 report, which … Continue reading Troubling Statistics of Campus Sexual Assaults

Trias Astounds

By Wren Andrews ‘21
Staff Writer

It wasn’t an exceptionally nice evening out—it was rainy, dark, and cold.  However, despite the weather, a reasonably-sized swarm of people were walking in the direction of the Hirshson Ballroom. Inside was a completely different world: the room was bright, and full of light and energy as much as it was full of people. As Associate Professor of English Kathryn Cowles said, people were “hanging from the rafters,” standing in the aisles, sitting in places where no seats were left.  The sheer number of students in attendance was an incredible anomaly, especially for this campus, but it was a crowd well-deserved for a poet as incredible as Danez Smith. Continue reading Trias Astounds

Blue Lights at HWS: A Complicated Necessity

By The Herald News Team Referred to by Marty Corbett, director of Campus Safety at HWS, as “rarely used,” the blue lights and call boxes on the Hobart and William Smith campus exist as a safety measure to protect members of the HWS community in the event of an attack. Both the lights and call boxes contain emergency buttons that can be pressed to directly contact … Continue reading Blue Lights at HWS: A Complicated Necessity