By Andrew Lynch ’23

Staff Writer

As Hobart and William Smith Colleges have entered the spring semester, COVID-19 testing has ramped up. Students and staff are eager to return to a somewhat normal schedule, which requires frequent testing for the safety of the campus community. In order to meet testing needs, athletic coaches have been asked to help conduct COVID-19 tests at the Hubbs Health Center.

With the fall and winter sport seasons cancelled, coaches have had extra time on their hands. This has encouraged some to sign up to help with COVID-19 testing, which they are now required to do for one to two days a week. Coaches have to fill out a sign-up sheet and mark down their own hours, which makes scheduling easy. Shifts generally range from about two and a half hours to three and a half hours, during which coaches administer COVID-19 tests to students.

Coaches have also been tasked with delivering these tests to Boston, where they are processed. This has proved productive for many coaches. Stefan Thompson, head coach of the Hobart Men’s Basketball team, says, “Delivering tests to Boston has actually been a great opportunity for us. We’ve been able to do recruiting calls and trips around that area, and get work done during the drive.”

Thanks to the tight-knit campus community, HWS athletics staff have been willing to do whatever it takes to help HWS get through the pandemic. Thompson explains, “From a coach’s perspective, we were excited to do what was needed and help everyone on campus stay healthy.”

Transitioning into 2021, athletic coaches and staff share high hopes for the return to play. The goal among many is to begin progressing back to play this spring, and then work toward a normal, yet modified season for next fall and winter. With these aspirations in mind, the athletic coaches are doing their part now so the rest of the school can possibly return to a normal schedule next year.

Featured image by Ani Freedman.

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