Hobart & William Smith Colleges’ facilities have been updated and renovated over the winter break.  Once students and staff departed from campus in 2022, upon their return, they were greeted by changes to buildings and rooms in 2023. 

One of the Colleges’ earliest buildings, Coxe Hall, has seen several updates, including its classrooms and the Bartlett Theatre. Thus far in the spring semester, The Bartlett Theatre has hosted the well-attended events, including the Rowing Formal, the Asian Student’s Union Lunar New Year celebration, and the Blood Drive, sponsored by the Center for Community Engagement and Service Learning (CCESL).  

Picture of Bartlett theater. Four new armchairs sit on top of a Persian carpet. The walls of the theater have been painted white and brown.
The newly renovated Bartlett Theater. Credit: Kyle Mast / The Herald

One of the most prominent buildings on campus is the Scandling Center, which contains the Saga Dining Hall and Cafe on its first floor.  The lounge of the Scandling Center has been refurbished with new furniture including chairs and couches as well as tables, replacing the long-standing ones.  At any time during the day this spring semester, one can find someone enjoying the new lounge furniture, either doing homework or eating a burrito to pass the time. 

Sherrill, a coed dorm in the Miniquad, houses many freshmen who appreciate the upgraded floors, with a new common room on each floor. One can find colorful swivel chairs and multiple desks that double as whiteboards in these common spaces.  The creative study tactic of writing down subject material with a dry-erase marker on the very table before them has now been transformed from fantasy to reality.  The rumor has it that the campus bookstore attached to Sherill is also to be facing some changes in the near future. 

The eye-catching Demarest Hall sticks out on a map due to its tall steeple.  Inside this academic building, there is also the beautiful Blackwell Library, whose floors have been enhanced lately.  The striking stained-glass windows and shiny wooden pews and seats provide a study space like no other on campus.  A picturesque church decorated with shelves of books is something that deserves to be well-kept. 

A picture from the second floor of the Blackwell Room. Rows of desks can be seen on the top balconies, and larger tables on the first floor. The stained glass window is visible at one end of the room.
The updated Blackwell room. Credit: Kyle Mast / The Herald

In general, the residents and faculty are grateful for these four student spaces to be given attention to extend numerous resources and foster a richer educational environment at HWS. 

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