Eddie O’Brien’s Mug Night is one of the colleges’ ongoing traditions, where students scamper downtown to goof, whirl and twirl, run their gums and now, apparently, destroy property, which could have destroyed future Mug Nights for other students. In August, a bathroom stall door was ripped off the hinges and left for employers to find. Eddie’s employees noted that they did not find this destruction of property until cleaning up and were left with no identification of who did this or what had happened.  

Eddie O’ Brien’s storefront in Downton Geneva. Kyle Mast / The Herald

As of writing, Eddie’s has currently not fixed the door and has been using a shower curtain to make do. They are hoping that the person responsible comes forward and/or the Colleges come forward to help this local business. Employees are disappointed because this has been their biggest event since opening 13 years ago. Throughout all the Mug Nights that Eddie’s has hosted, the college students have generally treated the employees with respect and courtesy.  

The manager, who wishes to stay anonymous, even showed his support during this interview by saying that one of his favorite memories was having students come and watch the Hobart Hockey team win the national championship just last spring. The staff wants to continue their support of college athletes and Mug Nights but would appreciate it if someone came forward to help them cover the cost for the bathroom stall door.  

When interviewing three students on campus, who also wish to stay anonymous, the general consensus was disappointment and frustration. Students noted that this Mug Night was exceptionally fun with people dancing and gabbing about their summer adventures. Students that were not involved in this say they did not find out about the incident until the following day when Eddie’s posted a picture on Instagram of the broken stall door saying, “Things like this are going to ruin Mug Night please let us know if you know who did this so we can continue Mug Night next week! Free pitcher of beer for whoever tells us :)” Students also noted that this type of behavior is unacceptable and it can ruin people’s fun, especially when this is a weekly activity that students look forward to and enjoy.  

This type of behavior adds to the negative reputation some locals have about students at the colleges and is not an image we want to perpetuate either on this campus or in the community. Reckless behavior like this could end up ruining everyone else’s fun in the long run.  

So go out and have fun, get some bevs, but don’t tarnish others’ images and for a general life lesson, don’t destroy other people’s property! Be aware that damaging property creates real costs that not everyone has the means to fix, even if these kinds of financial challenges are not part of your personal experience.

Fiona is a member of the class of 2027

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