By Abby Leyson ’22

Staff Writer

With Covid cases trickling down to zero, CAB was able to host Haunted Houghton once again, a beloved spooky HWS event that culminates Halloween in all its amusement and horror. The Herald was able to attend and observe the event, as well as speak to several students about their experience upon its return. 

After a year of HWS silently appreciating the seasons as they come and go, we have had a loss of community events that bring students and faculty alike to openly gather and celebrate the seasons and their holidays. Fortunately, CAB revived Haunted Houghton on the chilly evening of October 23rd to warm up HWS and spread Halloween spirit during this busy fall semester.  

This year, Haunted Houghton welcomed students back with two new food trucks on site that enamored students with their enticing warm comfort foods such as kebabs and hot deluxe sandwiches served with fries on the side. On top of the good eats, CAB provided students with warm apple cider in the spirit of fall to sip on while roasting marshmallows by an alluring fire that sparked embers of blue and violet.  

The main area of the Arts Campus dedicated to fall festivities was filled with tarot card readings and psychics for those interested in delving into their past, present, and futures while the moon spectated as it slowly rose to the top of the sky. The crisp air was brought to life through the sharp riffs and steady beat of the drums that serenaded students throughout the night by the live band, The Boogeymen, playing classics and Halloween medleys.  

The Herald observed the most popular events this year to be the broomstick ride and haunted hayride. There, zombies and other creatures of the night lurked in-between the trees of the arts campus, tempted to show themselves and interact with the students on-board their tour of Haunted Houghton.  

Abby Palin (’23), shared that her favorite moments from Haunted Houghton consisted of “the live performance, the food and the face painting.” Despite the cold, Palin shared that “the food was delicious and kept me warm,” speaking to the Herald while dressed up in her witch costume. “I got to enjoy it all while looking cool and listening to music.”  

Zerina Makhdoomi (’22) shared how special it has been to experience Haunted Houghton one last time at HWS with The Herald. “Haunted Houghton has been one of my favorite HWS events since freshman year,” said Makhdoomi. “I was so happy to see that it was back again for my senior year! With hot cider, food trucks, psychic readings and a fun hayride, what else can you ask for during spooky season!”  

Students and vampires that gathered on the arts campus that night agreed that it was a pleasure to have HWS welcome back Haunted Houghton after a long year of missing activities and events such as this that bring the community together in such high spirits.  

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