The Coordinate System: History & Context

By Alex Kerai ’19 Editor-in-Chief When, William Smith gave about $475,000 to the Trustees of Hobart for the founding of William Smith College for women on December 13, 1906, the college was to be coordinate with the “men’s department” and under Hobart’s Board of Trustees. The coordinate agreement is unique among American colleges; it is touted by the Colleges as being in place for exploration and … Continue reading The Coordinate System: History & Context

Kavanaugh Walkout

By Grace Ruble ’21 News Editor On Oct. 4, the voices of HWS students chanting “Kava-what? Kava-no!” over the South Main Street overpass joined the voices of those across the country who participated in the #CancelKavenaugh Walkout Against Patriarchy. The walkout protested Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court in the wake of Dr. Christine Blasey Ford’s sexual assault allegations and offered support for Dr. … Continue reading Kavanaugh Walkout

Campus Connections

By Reed Herter ’22 Herald Contributor The Campus Connections Program is a newly instituted service for first-year students. It takes all first-year students and pairs them up with a mentor on campus. These mentors are staff members who volunteered, and they “are the people not interacting with students on a daily basis,” as John Young, the Dean of Admissions, put it. The purpose of the … Continue reading Campus Connections

William Smith Congress Reaching Out

By Grace Ruble ’21 News Editor “We never really leave our roles,” says Eva Catanzariti ‘21, Vice President of William Smith Congress. “What we want to do is take issues that students care about on campus and take them out of just conversations with friends, and bring them to the next level where we can figure out how can we support you going forward and … Continue reading William Smith Congress Reaching Out

Student Voter Engagement

By Olivia Rowland ’21 Copy Editor The Herald’s coverage of Hobart class president elections in last month’s issue revealed that most students were apathetic when it came to voting. With the midterm elections coming up in less than a month, students have another, arguably more important, chance to let their voices be heard. But will they vote? In short, the data is not promising. Young people … Continue reading Student Voter Engagement

Competitive Gaming Starts on Campus

By Jackie Steinman ’20 Herald Contributor The new E-Sports Gaming House opened on Pulteney Street with its ribbon-cutting ceremony just a few weeks ago. E-Sports refers to video gaming competitions in which individuals or teams can play against one another at the amateur, collegiate, or professional level. Overwatch and League of Legends are two games that have their own professional leagues and have led the … Continue reading Competitive Gaming Starts on Campus

Intercultural Affairs Center

By Will Fuller ’22 Herald Staff Exciting times are upon the International Affairs Center. The center, which creates a supportive place for international students, will soon be under renovation. Ideas and plans for the new renovations have already began. “The process is following the timeline,” says Alejandra Molina, one of the directors of the International Affairs Center. This timeline started in the spring of last … Continue reading Intercultural Affairs Center