Honor Societies at HWS

This week on The Seneca Scene, Leslie Colunga and Sergio Perez talk about William Smith and Hobart Honor Societies. The two of them share their personal tales and passion for campus leadership. Students, be sure to listen for inside tips on how to gain entry to the societies! Make sure to subscribe to stay updated on all events and happenings on HWS campus.​ Listen to … Continue reading Honor Societies at HWS

Inside Look at Student Government

This week on The Seneca Scene, Eva Catanzariti of William Smith Congress (WSC) and Grant Emerson of Hobart Student Government (HSG) talk about their roles as Presidents of the WSC and HSG. Both of them give an exciting look into precisely how the meetings, elections, and budget allocations work for each community. Be sure to listen for the new changes that have been made to … Continue reading Inside Look at Student Government

Inside Look: HWS Judicial Board & Campus Activities Board

This week on The Seneca Scene, we explore two organizations that have a massive impact on student life, yet are relatively unknown. First on is Denzel Degollado ‘19 to talk about the Judiciary Board at HWS. Next is Lorena Robelo Lara ‘21 who was recently elected president of the Campus Activities Board. If you want to get involved, CAB open board meetings take place from 1:30 pm … Continue reading Inside Look: HWS Judicial Board & Campus Activities Board

Welcome Back Concert

By Wren Andrews ’21 Arts & Entertainment Editor Walking into the Welcome Back Concert was something I had not anticipated doing this year. After reviewing last year’s concert featuring A Boogie Wit da Hoodie, I was reluctant to take my chances on Jay Sean and Jay Critch. Comments from last year describing “the entire room [as] a gross mosh pit” are, for obvious reasons, effectively … Continue reading Welcome Back Concert

Sodexo: History & Concerns

By Olivia Rowland ’21 Copy Editor & Staff Writer Saga food isn’t the greatest. At least, that’s what everyone says in continual complaints about dining on campus. But what about Sodexo — the company that runs Dining Services and Buildings and Grounds?  Although I won’t argue that complaints about food aren’t warranted, there are many reasons that students should be more concerned about the company … Continue reading Sodexo: History & Concerns

Free Speech on Campus

By Ryan Skinner ’19 Herald Staff In November 2017, the Young  Americans for Freedom invited its first speaker to campus. Nonie Darwish, the founder of Arabs for Israel, was widely accused of Islamophobia during her remarks in the Sanford Room, prompting a debate among students over how the campus community should balance free speech with its commitment to diversity and inclusion.       The … Continue reading Free Speech on Campus

The Tech Behind “#TheBallantineDays”

By Reed Herter ’22 Herald Staff #TheBallantineDays, directed by Associate Professor of Theatre Heather May, is one of the spring Theatre Mainstage productions. It is one that theatre students have been writing and helping to make as they go along. The three main playwrights are May, Thomas Perry ’19, and Izzy Ingram ’19 – though the idea came from last year’s devising class. It all … Continue reading The Tech Behind “#TheBallantineDays”