Dr. Bill Boerner, the previous Title IX Coordinator, has stepped down after accepting the position in 2019. Previous to the Colleges, Boerner came with 20 years of experience working in higher education. While at HWS, he was dedicated to making sure that everyone felt safe around campus and felt comfortable enough to come talk to him if they didn’t. There is no malice intent with his decision to part from the Colleges, he simply “accepted a position at another organization as the next part of his career” says Shelle Basilio, Interim Title IX Coordinator.  

Posters on Entrance to Office of Title IX Credit: Kyle Mast / The Herald

Shelle Basilio is the Associate Vice President of Campus Life, and is serving in the Title IX role while the Colleges conduct a search for another permanent coordinator. Olivia Rowland ’21, interviewed Dr. Boerner upon his arrival at HWS. During her interview with him, Boerner said that “trust is central to the function of the Title IX Office as a safe place for students to disclose their experiences.” Just as Dr. Boerner was committed to upholding this mission statement, Shelle Basilio plans to do the same.  

She is more than willing to assist in decision making if you feel the need to file criminal charges against someone, or if you need to complain about alleged prohibited conduct on-campus. The HWS Title IX office states that “the Title IX Office can assist in implementing supportive measures for any person involved in a violation of the Title IX and Sexual Misconduct Policy and helps to manage campus-wide training and response.” Dr. Boerner was a neutral party willing to listen to anyone, while also maintaining statistical information on the repor1ted sexual violence that happened on campus. Shelle Basilio will continue the change that Dr. Boerner worked so hard to make. He worked to understand the campus climate and she will do the same.  

Basilio would like to encourage everyone to fill out the Title IX Campus Climate Survey. The survey has been launched this past Monday, Feb. 27, and will expire Friday, April 7. The survey is open to all faculty, staff, and students looking to give their opinions on how the campus climate can change for the better. Everyone will receive a personalized link through their email that is specific to you. Filling this out is just one small step we can take to help better serve our community in regards to safety. Basilio would also like to emphasize that this survey is anonymous, so you need not be scared in sharing your true thoughts and opinions.  

While it is sad to see Dr. Boerner go, it is important to recognize how much of a positive impact he has made on this campus and the change he has brought to HWS. During this interim period, it is important to recognize Shelle Basilio for stepping into this role while continuing to fulfill her other duties on campus, while the search for a new coordinator continues.  

Sydney is a member of the class of 2025 and a Staff Writer for the Herald.

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