Writing for the Herald is one of the most rewarding experiences available to Hobart and William Smith students. For over 130 years, the Herald has provided the best journalism education on campus, offering staffers a professional and life-changing experience not found in any classroom.

Contact Information

For general questions about joining our editorial staff, email us.

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Options for Writers

News: The News Section is the heart of the Herald as it provides up-to-date information about events and controversies otherwise affecting the Hobart and William Smith community. You can also write profiles of individuals, groups, and clubs, as well as doing in-depth pieces on campus trends, and events. Working in News trains you to write critically, concisely and on a deadline.

Arts & Entertainment: This Section gives writers an expanded creative license. The Arts Section covers campus events from a cappella in cellar pubs and coffee shops to professional visiting productions in the Gearan Performing Arts Center, as well as significant events in the world beyond Geneva. Music, movies, television, theater, dance, writing, performance, and visual art all fall into this section.

Opinions: Write for the Opinion Section if you want to craft engaging arguments about current events, campus issues, or anything you feel passionate about. We encourage any level of participation, but are always looking for columnists who want to write about one particular issue every other week.

Photos: The Photo Section takes pictures for all sections of The Herald.

General: An editors’ main duty is to check and improve all written text. This includes: copy, bylines, headlines, photo captions, and sometimes advertisements. With eagle-like precision and consistency, a Herald copy editor must proofread for mistakes in spelling, grammar, terminology, and punctuation according to the guidelines of the Herald Style Guide and the Associated Press Style Guide.