Writing for the Herald is one of the most rewarding experiences available to Hobart and William Smith students. For over 130 years, the Herald has provided the best journalism education on campus, offering staffers a professional and life-changing experience not found in any classroom.

Contact Information

For general questions about joining our editorial staff, email us.


Students interested in the Herald can get involved in whatever way suits their skills, interests or goals.

Writers can submit a one-off piece directly to the Herald’s email address, or come to our meetings every Monday to pitch proposals, get feedback or new ideas. We welcome interesting, thought-provoking stories from opinion pieces, hard-hitting news stories or anything else. We’d love to hear it! For those interested in pursuing journalism or writing after college, the Herald gives you amazing experience that looks great on a resume and ensures that your work is easily visible to future schools and employers.

The Herald is not just for writers, either! Photographers, Graphic Designers, and anyone creative minded and looking to learn the tools of the trade are always wanted to make their mark on our printed issues throughout campus or our website seen globally. Want to take pictures but don’t have a camera? We can loan you one to hone your skills and get on our pages.

Running a newsroom is also amazing experience for people interested in business and finance (where else on campus could you chase leads, work with customers and makes sales to real, local businesses)