Dear Readers of the Herald,

The staff of the Herald is excited to finish our second issue of the semester. As we get ready to leave for Thanksgiving and wind down the semester, I want to extend my appreciation to everyone who worked on this issue. I am especially thankful for Nathaniel Teska-Prince who recently joined the Herald as a sports journalist, and eagerly brings a unique voice while reporting on the successes of HWS athletes. Teska-Prince is also a great reminder to all of our readers that it is never to late to join the Herald! As of publishing this letter, we have just started planning for our last issue and encourage any new or returning journalists to come by our meetings on Tuesdays at 5:30pm.

This issue provides a brief snapshot into student life over the last month. The excitement from KDC; stories from first-years helping to revitallize extra-curriculars on campus; and the return of the beloved Spring Concert. The Herald tries, with this issue and every issue, to document what is most important to the students and preserve those memories, and we strive with each issue to cover more moments.  But this issue also deals with more difficult conversations happening around campus, too, and challenges the campus to reconcile its past while figuring out its future. And we are pleased that the Herald is able to be a vehicle to having these conversations and be able to look back on the state of the Colleges over time.

And, in closing, I want to thank the readers of the Herald for continuing to engage with our publication. Without an engaged audience, all of the hard work of the staff would be in vain. I am excited for this issue to spread across campus and hear the feedback from my peers. After all, this is a student-led publication and being apart of the campus community is central to the Herald.


Kyle Mast


Kyle is the Editor-in-Chief of the Herald.

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