Dear Readers of the Herald,

Thank you for picking up a copy of our first issue this semester! I have been a member of the Herald since I started at HWS and I’ve always looked forward to the first issue every year. Now as a Senior, I am honored to have been given this privilege to serve as Editor-in-Chief. A lot has already happened this semester, from renovations to new staff, and I am proud of all the work my team has done to produce this issue. I’d like to thank all our writers, designers, editors, and photographers for working tirelessly on our publication.

Additionally, I am excited to continue engaging with the HWS community and bringing awareness to important happenings. In this issue especially, we highlight changes to the relationship between the Colleges and the Geneva community. I want to emphasize the importance of engaging with our neighbors. As such, this is the first of three issues we’ll release this semester. I am excited for every issue and for the opportunity for the Herald to be the pulse of the campus. We are also piloting more online content to further keep students informed- so check out our website at for exclusive photos, breaking news stories and more!

Lastly, the Herald has been a cornerstone of the HWS campus for well over a century. The Herald has been a driving force in amplifying student voices and a vehicle for change on campus. Alumni, administration, and, of course, other students turn to the Herald to learn about the needs of others on campus. But that’s not possible without input from students themselves. So I encourage everyone to get involved with the Herald. Even if you just want to publish a short opinion, we want you to use this publication as a platform for your own voice.


Kyle Mast


Kyle is the Editor-in-Chief of the Herald.

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