Global Village at HWS

By Kseniya Slutskaya Herald Contributor Six Fulbright recipients from different parts of the world came to HWS this year to both teach their native languages and study. The Fulbright is the US program which provides grants for foreign students to travel to the US and be Foreign Language Teaching Assistants (FLTA) as well as for the American students to go abroad for the same reason. … Continue reading Global Village at HWS

Career Journeys: Cat Gorman ’15

On this episode of Career Journeys we welcome Cat Gorman ’15 by phone from New York City. When this episode was recorded, Cat was a Private Equity Associate at Quad Partners in New York City. She recently joined BlackRock’s Long Term Private Capital fund in September; it is BlackRock’s first direct investing private equity fund. After graduating with a degree in economics from the Colleges, she worked as an … Continue reading Career Journeys: Cat Gorman ’15

Professor Profile: Brian Clark, Anthropology

By Cameron Miguel ‘22 Herald Contributor Professor Brian Clark is an intelligent visiting professor in the Anthropology department who agreed to this bite-sized biography, enabling the students of this campus to take a peek into his thoughts. The following is a selection from The Herald’s recent conversation with him. The Herald (TH): What do you think of the campus so far? Brian Clark (BC): It’s … Continue reading Professor Profile: Brian Clark, Anthropology

Title IX Update

By Olivia Rowland ’21 Copy Editor Last April, the Herald published six articles about Title IX and sexual assault on campus. The series investigated how reports of sexual assault are handled on campus in addition to the campus culture around the issue. The Herald found that there seemed to be less openness to discussion about sexual assault on campus than there was in 2014. In … Continue reading Title IX Update


By Henry Duerr ’21 Herald Staff Orientation. For some, it marks an exciting new chapter in life. For others, it’s a tooth-grinding formality. Regardless of background, all students, be it First Year or transfer, undergo the process. Except this year, the incoming Classes of 2022 had a few things changed for them. Tanner Arnold, one of the two student Orientation Leaders, spoke to me a … Continue reading Orientation

Free Speech Discourse on Campus

By Phoebe MacCurrach ‘18
Herald Staff

On the Friday before spring break at noon, President Gregory Vincent ’83 sent out an email with the subject “Diversity of thought and the First Amendment Right to freedom of speech.” The email addresses his belief in the importance of complying with the community standards, he even included a link to an online version. Continue reading Free Speech Discourse on Campus

Classes of 2018 to Have Joint Graduation Seating

By Dan Bristol
Managing Editor

Through a decisive vote last week, the Classes of 2018 decided to make this year’s commencement ceremony on May 13th a joint ceremony with Hobart and William Smith students sitting and graduating together. This marks the second year in a row that students from both schools will be seated together, returning to a graduation arrangement more familiar to President Vincent ’83 and his peers from the 70s and 80s. Continue reading Classes of 2018 to Have Joint Graduation Seating

William Smith Walkout

By Grace Ruble ’21
Herald Staff

March 8, 2018 was International Women’s Day. This year, many Hobart and William Smith students celebrated by participating in a walkout and rally on the Coxe steps and then marching to a rally in downtown Geneva. The walkout and Coxe steps rally were organized by a group of William Smith students including Hilda Agyekum, Kerry Bartholomae, Madeline Cook, Bex Czajkowski, Loretta Hauslauer, Alex Holmes, Sydney Hummel, Lara Johnson, Megan Mahar, Morgan Neils and Ainsley Rhodes. Continue reading William Smith Walkout

HWS Social Norms and Just Facts

By Phoebe MacCurrach ’18 Staff Writer The intent behind the HWS Just Facts campaign is in the right place, but the fact is that there’s more to the number we are presented with than what they are showing. For every time, we see that “80% of students never engage in unintended sexual activity as a result of drinking during the academic year” we also know … Continue reading HWS Social Norms and Just Facts