Davis Gallery Explores Signs

By Mary Warner ’21

Arts and Entertainment Editor


The Davis Gallery at Houghton House will have a new exhibition in October focusing on signs.

The artists in the exhibition explore the ways signage reflects the consumerist values of our society, by physically overwhelming the built environment, conveying authority and authenticity, and blurring the lines between politics and the economy.  The exhibition is especially focusing on printed signs and their importance in society.  Signage is also broken up into different categories: informational, which help us navigate through the regulations of society, and rhetorical, which can range from packaging to advertisement.  Signs are all around us, an everyday fact of life.  This exhibition will call attention to them and explore their importance, while also encouraging viewers to critically engage with the signage and its deeper meaning.


The Signs and Signifiers exhibition will be on display from October 13 through November 10th and a reception will be held on Friday October 13 from 6-8pm.

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