Coordinate System Viewpoint #8

This piece was written by a recent graduate of Hobart and William Smith. The following list of questions is the best way that I’ve found to express my experience, and that is all I have to contribute right now. Questions I asked myself on a daily basis when I came out as transgender on the HWS campus: Do I have to leave William Smith if … Continue reading Coordinate System Viewpoint #8

Student Voter Engagement

By Olivia Rowland ’21 Copy Editor The Herald’s coverage of Hobart class president elections in last month’s issue revealed that most students were apathetic when it came to voting. With the midterm elections coming up in less than a month, students have another, arguably more important, chance to let their voices be heard. But will they vote? In short, the data is not promising. Young people … Continue reading Student Voter Engagement

Competitive Gaming Starts on Campus

By Jackie Steinman ’20 Herald Contributor The new E-Sports Gaming House opened on Pulteney Street with its ribbon-cutting ceremony just a few weeks ago. E-Sports refers to video gaming competitions in which individuals or teams can play against one another at the amateur, collegiate, or professional level. Overwatch and League of Legends are two games that have their own professional leagues and have led the … Continue reading Competitive Gaming Starts on Campus

Intercultural Affairs Center

By Will Fuller ’22 Herald Staff Exciting times are upon the International Affairs Center. The center, which creates a supportive place for international students, will soon be under renovation. Ideas and plans for the new renovations have already began. “The process is following the timeline,” says Alejandra Molina, one of the directors of the International Affairs Center. This timeline started in the spring of last … Continue reading Intercultural Affairs Center

Gravitational Waves with Professor Steven Penn

This week The Seneca Scene welcomes Professor of Physics Steven Penn to discuss the discovery of gravitational waves and his work with LIGO on coating design for the interferometer detectors. Join us for this chat where we learn more about Einstein’s Theory of General Relativity, the collision of black holes and neutron stars, and what this discovery means for our understanding of the Big Bang. Don’t … Continue reading Gravitational Waves with Professor Steven Penn

Fribolin Farm and Food Systems with Sarah Meyer

This week The Seneca Scene welcomes Sarah Meyer from the Finger Lakes Institute to discuss the Fribolin Farm, sustainability, community garden, upcoming events, and beekeeping. Join us for this half-hour chat where we learn more about the HWS campus farm and its mascot, along with ways you can get involved on campus with Campus Greens or the Eco-Reps. Don’t forget to follow the farm on Instagram … Continue reading Fribolin Farm and Food Systems with Sarah Meyer

First Impressions from the Classes of 2022

By Grace Ruble ’21 News Editor According to the “Welcoming the Classes of 2022” article published by the HWS Update before the new class of First Years arrived on campus, the Classes of 2022 include “class presidents, all-star athletes, engaged volunteers and inspired artists.” Statistically, this same article identified that 40 percent of the Classes of 2022 applied to HWS Early Decision, 25 percent identify … Continue reading First Impressions from the Classes of 2022