Mosaic New York

By Alex Kerai ‘19 & Quinn Cullum ‘18
Editor-in-Chief & News Editor

Beginning first in the 2014-2015 academic year, Mosaic New York is a small theatrical company that writes and performs pieces in an effort to create dialogues on campus and in the Geneva community related to social justice issues. Associate Professor of Theatre Heather May continues to work as the founder and Artistic Director of the company with the support of the Office of Student Affairs and the Department of Theatre. Continue reading Mosaic New York

Blue Lights at HWS: A Complicated Necessity

By The Herald News Team Referred to by Marty Corbett, director of Campus Safety at HWS, as “rarely used,” the blue lights and call boxes on the Hobart and William Smith campus exist as a safety measure to protect members of the HWS community in the event of an attack. Both the lights and call boxes contain emergency buttons that can be pressed to directly contact … Continue reading Blue Lights at HWS: A Complicated Necessity

Respect on Campus: Power of the Human Voice

The author of this piece requested that it be published anonymously as it contains sensitive and personal reflection “What do you do on the weekends? Get hammered and go home with someone?” This disrespectful and generalized comment was made to me by a male student on the yellow couches of the first floor of the library, a public space for all to use. Following that … Continue reading Respect on Campus: Power of the Human Voice

Letter to the Editor 4-6-18

By Professor H. Wesley Perkins

Department of Sociology

I write in response to Phoebe MacCurrach’s March 2, 2018 Herald article titled “HWS Social Norms and Just Facts.”  Ms. MacCurrach is not happy about the 20% of students who engage in unintended sexual activity as a result of drinking during the academic year, the 27% who are not offended by sexist comments, and the 21% who do not use a designated non-drinking driver.” Neither am I, nor are others who work in the field of health promotion and risk prevention, nor most people who simply care about themselves and others. I applaud her concern about these potentially harmful behaviors.  I wish she had taken the simple step and a few minutes of her time, however, to speak with me or my colleague, David Craig, about our Just Facts information (we routinely invite students to do so and our doors are open) before launching her apparently uninformed critique of our work. Continue reading Letter to the Editor 4-6-18

Free Speech Discourse on Campus

By Phoebe MacCurrach ‘18
Herald Staff

On the Friday before spring break at noon, President Gregory Vincent ’83 sent out an email with the subject “Diversity of thought and the First Amendment Right to freedom of speech.” The email addresses his belief in the importance of complying with the community standards, he even included a link to an online version. Continue reading Free Speech Discourse on Campus