The Geneva Music Scene

By Wren Andrews ’21 Arts and Entertainment Editor Geneva overtly touts itself as “The Lake Trout Capital of the World,” home to the Geneva Panthers, the quintessential college town surrounding Hobart and William Smith Colleges. As students, we are exposed to Geneva in a more intimate view than most ordinary onlookers, but many may be surprised to find out that Geneva is also a city … Continue reading The Geneva Music Scene

Trias Astounds

By Wren Andrews ‘21
Staff Writer

It wasn’t an exceptionally nice evening out—it was rainy, dark, and cold.  However, despite the weather, a reasonably-sized swarm of people were walking in the direction of the Hirshson Ballroom. Inside was a completely different world: the room was bright, and full of light and energy as much as it was full of people. As Associate Professor of English Kathryn Cowles said, people were “hanging from the rafters,” standing in the aisles, sitting in places where no seats were left.  The sheer number of students in attendance was an incredible anomaly, especially for this campus, but it was a crowd well-deserved for a poet as incredible as Danez Smith. Continue reading Trias Astounds

Food Pantry Opens for Students

By Wren Andrews ’21 Herald Staff Following the recent addition of Au Bon Pain, renovations to SAGA, and revised meal plan options including docked hours of food availability, elimination of meal swipes outside of SAGA, and a mandate for all first years to purchase the most expensive meal plan, food and nutrition on campus have been contemptuous topics of discussion. These changes have been even … Continue reading Food Pantry Opens for Students

Welcome Back Concert Leads to Student Criticism

By Wren Andrews ’21 Staff Writer Common adjectives used to describe this year’s Welcome Back Concert included, but were not limited to: messy, disorganized, unsafe, and bad. Any calculated or logical attempt to enter the venue proved futile – there was apparently a massive bottleneck leading up to the doors, featuring extremely loose security that culminated in grapevine stories rumoring that a ten-year-old and multiple … Continue reading Welcome Back Concert Leads to Student Criticism