New Student Center Proposed

By Ryan Skinner ’19 Herald Staff Bartlett Theatre, built in 1900 as an integral part of Coxe Hall, may see new life next semester as Hobart Student Trustee Albright Dwarka makes plans to create a student center. Dwarka, who was elected in March on a platform that included a promise to create a new student center in Bartlett Theatre, confirmed that this initiative is underway. … Continue reading New Student Center Proposed

Barnes and Noble Moves In

By Ryan Skinner ’19 Herald Staff It is official: the College Store will be closed as early as June 1 and replaced with Barnes and Noble College. BNC, which operates hundreds of campus bookstores nationwide, is tasked with renovating the HWS store and updating its website, as well as managing merchandising and day-to-day affairs. Interim President McGuire maintains that the Colleges’ partnership with Barnes and … Continue reading Barnes and Noble Moves In

Search for New Chaplain Nears End

By Ryan Skinner ’19 Herald Staff The search for a new chaplain and dean of Spiritual Engagement has been in full swing in the months since Chaplain Maurice Charles left his position to be with his partner, Cliff Chan, who accepted a position at Emory University. Professor Nan Crystal Arens, who co-chairs the search committee with Julianne Miller, director of the Abbe Center for Jewish … Continue reading Search for New Chaplain Nears End

Free Speech on Campus

By Ryan Skinner ’19 Herald Staff In November 2017, the Young  Americans for Freedom invited its first speaker to campus. Nonie Darwish, the founder of Arabs for Israel, was widely accused of Islamophobia during her remarks in the Sanford Room, prompting a debate among students over how the campus community should balance free speech with its commitment to diversity and inclusion.       The … Continue reading Free Speech on Campus

Chief Diversity Officer Search

By Ryan Skinner ‘19 Herald Staff Last spring, amid a flurry of emerging vacancies at the colleges, it was announced that Interim Chief Diversity Officer Solomé Rose would be leaving the position she had held since March of 2016 to join Planned Parenthood of Central and Western New York. Her exit prompted a series of emails from more than a dozen faculty members congratulating Rose … Continue reading Chief Diversity Officer Search

Elections Reveal Apathy

By Ryan Skinner ’19 Herald Staff This year’s class president elections were defined by a continuing trend of uncompetitive elections, voter disengagement and revealing defects in the electronic ballot. As the vice president of Hobart Student Government, I have made the unusual decision to publicize some limited data from the elections. I believe this is a necessary course of action because only through a shared … Continue reading Elections Reveal Apathy

Board Investigates President Vincent

By Ryan Skinner ‘19 Staff Writer On March 21, while students were enjoying Spring Break, a bombshell struck HWS. An anonymous email signed by “A Professor at Hobart and William Smith Colleges” was sent to Professor Scott Brophy, Professor Tom Drennen, Professor Steve Penn, and senior officials at the University of Pennsylvania as well as news agencies such as The New York Times, Washington Post, … Continue reading Board Investigates President Vincent

A Plea for Renewed Student Autonomy

By Dominique DeRubeis ‘18 and Ryan Skinner ‘19 Herald Contributors What is it like to be a member of the Budget Allocations Committee? In one word: frustrating. In many more words: a unique opportunity to maximize opportunities and events on campus for other students. Too often, BAC is seen as an impediment — another perimeter of red tape— to student clubs and organizations. At its … Continue reading A Plea for Renewed Student Autonomy

Illness Strikes HWS

By Ryan Skinner ’19 Herald Contributor ​As the United States endures a national flu pandemic, concern has risen among many students at HWS about health standards at the colleges. This concern was exacerbated by a small outbreak of influenza and influenza-like illnesses on our campus. Rumors began to swirl about quarantines being imposed on certain residences. Students may have noticed their professors liberalizing their policies … Continue reading Illness Strikes HWS