To “Go Greek”or Not, an Honest Opinion

By Ryan Carson Opinions Editor I hear a lot of discussion recently about whether or not the administration of Hobart and William Smith should allow first year students to rush fraternity and sorority organizations in the spring of their first year. Frankly, I’m indifferent to the idea. I say so in large part because I’ve attended two different schools in my undergraduate education. One university … Continue reading To “Go Greek”or Not, an Honest Opinion

Why Everyone Should Study Aborad

By Ryan Carson ’18 Opinions Editor I think its fairly common these days, someone you know updates their Facebook profile picture to reflect their newfound freedom in a foreign country. I’m just as guilty of this as anyone else, as I don’t think I was in Greece for more than two days before I updated mine.  While I might be a bit facetious here, I really … Continue reading Why Everyone Should Study Aborad