HWS Debate to Host Humans Versus Zombies Debate

By Reed Herter ‘22 News Editor In the event of a zombie apocalypse, would you rather be a human or a zombie? This is the question HWS Debate Team members will answer in the Sanford Room outside of the library next Thursday, Oct. 31, in a show debate open to the public. To know what you’ll be in for, here’s a quick rundown on the … Continue reading HWS Debate to Host Humans Versus Zombies Debate

EMS Keeps Campus Safe

By Reed Herter ’22 Herald Staff Emergency Medical Services is a Basic Life Support agency on campus made up of trained medical professionals. They are all volunteers, trained to be able to do everything EMTs in ambulances can do. They act as first responders for any medical emergencies on campus no matter how small, helping anyone who is on campus and is injured. As Chief … Continue reading EMS Keeps Campus Safe

The Tech Behind “#TheBallantineDays”

By Reed Herter ’22 Herald Staff #TheBallantineDays, directed by Associate Professor of Theatre Heather May, is one of the spring Theatre Mainstage productions. It is one that theatre students have been writing and helping to make as they go along. The three main playwrights are May, Thomas Perry ’19, and Izzy Ingram ’19 – though the idea came from last year’s devising class. It all … Continue reading The Tech Behind “#TheBallantineDays”

The Student Trustees’ Role at HWS

By Reed Herter ’22 Herald Staff Student Trustees are an important part of our school’s system, and a role not enough people vote for. With the upcoming election for the new junior Student Trustees (see the timetable above), the Herald met with Gavin Gross ’19 and Caitlin Lasher ’19, our senior Student Trustees to learn more about their role at HWS and on the Board … Continue reading The Student Trustees’ Role at HWS

Drag Show: A New Tradition

By Reed Herter ‘22 Herald Staff This year was the second time that a drag show has taken place on campus.  This year, it was hosted and headlined by The Vixen, from Rupaul’s Drag Race, and was in the Bartlet Theater.  It was headed by the LGBTQ+Resource Center. Drag shows are often seen as a part of queer culture.  The performances consist of people dressed … Continue reading Drag Show: A New Tradition

Campus Connections

By Reed Herter ’22 Herald Contributor The Campus Connections Program is a newly instituted service for first-year students. It takes all first-year students and pairs them up with a mentor on campus. These mentors are staff members who volunteered, and they “are the people not interacting with students on a daily basis,” as John Young, the Dean of Admissions, put it. The purpose of the … Continue reading Campus Connections