‘Ding Dong!’ The Library is Dead

By Kathleen Fowkes ’18 Herald Contributor As full-time college students, I can, with almost absolute certainty, guarantee that each and every single one of us has a moment in our day where we hate everything about existing on this campus. A moment where all we really want is some peace and quiet. To not have to listen to that *one, specific* Hobart student talk about … Continue reading ‘Ding Dong!’ The Library is Dead

Lack of Engagement with WSC & HSG Elections

By Dan Bristol ’18 Managing Editor Another William Smith Congress and Hobart Student Government election passed at the end of January with a worryingly small amount of fanfare. Not only did students pass through the two-day period in which the polls were open unaware of the election, but most positions were also uncontested. Of the eight positions up for election across the two governments only … Continue reading Lack of Engagement with WSC & HSG Elections

‘Polarization’ Polarizes

By Jackie Fisher ‘18 Herald Contributor A serious question for AJ McFarlane: If I’m sexually harassed in jeans, was it my fault? Your article wasn’t clear on that issue. When a speeding car drove past me, threw a beer can at me, and yelled that my friend and I were whores, was it because I was wearing a tank top? No, and no. I really … Continue reading ‘Polarization’ Polarizes

‘The Martini’ Publishes Incendiary Piece

By Alex Kerai ‘19 Editor-in-Chief On Monday, February 5, the Martini published an incendiary piece that can only be qualified as an Op-Ed –although there was no real purpose, opinion, or point to the piece as a whole. By the late afternoon, one particular paragraph from that piece was circulating around campus, from the @BossBitchTheory Instagram account to messaging chains. To say it provoked a … Continue reading ‘The Martini’ Publishes Incendiary Piece

To “Go Greek”or Not, an Honest Opinion

By Ryan Carson Opinions Editor I hear a lot of discussion recently about whether or not the administration of Hobart and William Smith should allow first year students to rush fraternity and sorority organizations in the spring of their first year. Frankly, I’m indifferent to the idea. I say so in large part because I’ve attended two different schools in my undergraduate education. One university … Continue reading To “Go Greek”or Not, an Honest Opinion