Drop Sodexo

By Olivia Rowland Copy Editor Note: I did contribute research to the Rising Panthers’ first demand, and so many of the same sources I use here are also in that document.    Over the past few years, there has been a good amount of talk about the Colleges’ relationship with Sodexo. Despite hopes that President Jacobsen would offer the impetus needed to get the Colleges … Continue reading Drop Sodexo

Jacobsen Inaugurated as President

By Olivia Rowland ’21 Copy Editor On Friday, Oct. 18, Joyce P. Jacobsen was officially inaugurated as the 29th president of Hobart College and the 18th president of William Smith College. The inauguration ceremony, held on the Quad and open to all members of the HWS community, was the centerpiece of a day filled with celebration, which included a community lunch and the President’s Ball … Continue reading Jacobsen Inaugurated as President

Title IX Welcomes Bill Boerner

By Olivia Rowland ’21 Copy Editor This semester, the Title IX Office welcomed Bill Boerner as assistant vice president and Title IX coordinator. Boerner was hired following an extensive and rigorous search to fill the position vacated by former Title IX Coordinator Susan Lee, who retired at the end of last semester. His arrival on campus ensures that the Title IX Office, which also includes … Continue reading Title IX Welcomes Bill Boerner

Low Turnout in Student Elections

By Olivia Rowland ’21 Copy Editor & Herald Staff With the beginning of a new school year comes another round of student government elections. As the Herald has reported in the past, turnout for these elections is usually small, and this year’s elections were no exception. The main elections for class presidents, the William Smith Congress (WSC) executive board, and the Hobart Student Government (HSG) executive board … Continue reading Low Turnout in Student Elections

New Participatory Budgeting

By Olivia Rowland ’21 Copy Editor & Herald Staff Have you ever wondered where exactly your tuition money goes, or wished that you had more control over how the school spends your money? One group of students is addressing these concerns by working to increase students’ control over the Colleges’ budget. Eva Catanzariti ’20, president of William Smith Congress; Nuzhat Wahid ’22, WSC vice president; and … Continue reading New Participatory Budgeting

Feminist Activism on Campus

By Olivia Rowland ’21 Copy Editor Anonymous social media accounts are commonplace at schools, and HWS is no exception. While most of these accounts are primarily focused on entertainment, there is one anonymous Instagram account at HWS with a more serious purpose: @bossbitchtheory, which has been posting about feminist theory and feminist issues on campus since the fall of 2017. The Herald met with the … Continue reading Feminist Activism on Campus

Sodexo: History & Concerns

By Olivia Rowland ’21 Copy Editor & Staff Writer Saga food isn’t the greatest. At least, that’s what everyone says in continual complaints about dining on campus. But what about Sodexo — the company that runs Dining Services and Buildings and Grounds?  Although I won’t argue that complaints about food aren’t warranted, there are many reasons that students should be more concerned about the company … Continue reading Sodexo: History & Concerns

Voting on Campus: From U.S. Congress to William Smith Congress

By Olivia Rowland ‘21 Copy Editor Almost a month after the midterm elections, students had the opportunity to vote in another election, this time for the executive board of William Smith Congress. But the atmosphere surrounding both opportunities for civic participation was unmistakably different. The HWS community put a lot of effort into mobilizing for the midterm elections. By Nov. 6, HWS Votes and the … Continue reading Voting on Campus: From U.S. Congress to William Smith Congress

Student Voter Engagement

By Olivia Rowland ’21 Copy Editor The Herald’s coverage of Hobart class president elections in last month’s issue revealed that most students were apathetic when it came to voting. With the midterm elections coming up in less than a month, students have another, arguably more important, chance to let their voices be heard. But will they vote? In short, the data is not promising. Young people … Continue reading Student Voter Engagement

Title IX Update

By Olivia Rowland ’21 Copy Editor Last April, the Herald published six articles about Title IX and sexual assault on campus. The series investigated how reports of sexual assault are handled on campus in addition to the campus culture around the issue. The Herald found that there seemed to be less openness to discussion about sexual assault on campus than there was in 2014. In … Continue reading Title IX Update