Arts Campus Has Real Issues

By Niki Russell ’19 Herald Contributor The arts campus seems like a faraway, mystical place to many students here at HWS, but for 21 percent of the student population it is a very real part of each week. Anyone who has taken a class there knows that it is not at all mystical and, indeed, very far away. The campus consist of three buildings: Houghton … Continue reading Arts Campus Has Real Issues

Tackled by School Administration

By Nicola Russell ’19 & Makayla Pydych ’19 Herald Contributors On March 30 this year, Hobart and William Smith Colleges officially announced the building of a new indoor turf field for the school’s varsity sports teams, funded through Hobart Lacrosse Alumni donations. The development would create an additional winter space for varsity athletes to practice. However, this indoor turf field is being built on what was once … Continue reading Tackled by School Administration