Seating Opinions: Jackie Fisher

At the end of March, the Classes of 2018 voted to decide between joint seating and processions for commencement or separate seating and processions by college. The debate prompted discussion about gender differences and inclusivity within the coordinate system. To shed greater light on the discussion the Herald asked three campus leaders and active participants in the conversation to express their views in print. By Jackie … Continue reading Seating Opinions: Jackie Fisher

‘Polarization’ Polarizes

By Jackie Fisher ‘18 Herald Contributor A serious question for AJ McFarlane: If I’m sexually harassed in jeans, was it my fault? Your article wasn’t clear on that issue. When a speeding car drove past me, threw a beer can at me, and yelled that my friend and I were whores, was it because I was wearing a tank top? No, and no. I really … Continue reading ‘Polarization’ Polarizes