Vice President of DEI Khuram Hussain Leaves Behind a Legacy of Community

By Ani Freedman ’22 Editor-in-Chief Khuram Hussain has been a steadfast, empathetic, and reliable advocate for the HWS and Geneva communities since his arrival at the Colleges years ago. Following the announcement of his newly accepted position at Middlebury College as leader of their Office of Institutional Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, and as Associate Professor of Education Studies, The Herald spoke with VP Hussain to … Continue reading Vice President of DEI Khuram Hussain Leaves Behind a Legacy of Community

Professor Maggie M. Werner Discusses Her New Book, “Stripped: Reading the Erotic Body”

By Ani Freedman ’22 Editor-In-Chief On the night of October 28th, Associate Professor of Writing and Rhetoric Maggie M. Werner stepped onstage at Bartlett Theater in Coxe Hall in front of a room filled with her students and colleagues, wearing Halloween masks and eager to hear her read from her recently published book. In the midst of the pandemic, Werner’s book Stripped: Reading the Erotic Body was published by Penn State University Press. The … Continue reading Professor Maggie M. Werner Discusses Her New Book, “Stripped: Reading the Erotic Body”

A Closer Look at the CTL and Accommodations

By Ani Freedman ’22 Photo Editor The Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) is known for the various ways it aims to offer students academic support and accommodations to ensure their success at HWS. The Herald spoke with CTL Director, Susan Pliner, as well as several students to get a better understanding of how applying for accommodations works. The process for applying for academic accommodations … Continue reading A Closer Look at the CTL and Accommodations

WSC Provides Menstrual Products

By Ani Freedman ’22 Chief Photographer & Herald Staff If you’ve used any of the bathrooms in the library, Scandling Center, Stern Hall, or many other buildings, then you’ve probably noticed the containers with a bold “Aunt Flo” label and array of menstrual products free to the public. Around midway through this semester, the menstrual product pilot project was implemented after William Smith’s first-year Class … Continue reading WSC Provides Menstrual Products

New Academic Day Schedule

By Ani Freedman ’22 Photography Editor & Herald Staff As students approach fall 2019 registration time, panic begins to set in — concerns arise about what classes to take next semester, fulfilling majors and minors, and whether or not students will get into the classes they want or need. With this sense of uncertainty comes the newfound uncertainty of the new academic day schedule that … Continue reading New Academic Day Schedule

ResEd & Housing Updates

By Ani Freedman ’22 Chief Photographer & Herald Staff With housing selection season underway, students are buzzing with excitement, nerves, and questions regarding where they will be living in the 2019-2020 school year. Rising sophomores, juniors and seniors are most likely looking to upgrade their living situations, but rumors have been stirring on campus regarding the possible uncertainty of off-campus housing, overcrowding, and the mystery of … Continue reading ResEd & Housing Updates

Hobart Deans Envisioning Change

By Ani Freedman ‘22 Photography Editor Over the past year or so, HWS has had some noticeable administrative changes across various offices and departments, including a new interim president, professors joining and retiring within various departments, and of course new additions in the Dean’s Office. A notable aspect of these changes for Hobart College students is the appointment of Interim Dean Khuram Hussain and Interim … Continue reading Hobart Deans Envisioning Change