The end of the year is upon us! It’s been a good one, and I hope that in these coming weeks filled with stress, you all find time to reflect on the past year. That is what this letter is intended for, reflection, as it is not only the end of this year but the end of my time as Editor-in-Chief of the Herald.  

The last year especially has been the most rewarding of my life, and the Herald has played a big part in that. I have been so proud of the work we have done this year, and I know that the future is very bright for the Herald. I cannot take credit for this, though, as I have only been the steward, and I want to take the time to recognize the people who made everything that happened this year possible. First, the great writers of the Herald. Without them, there would be nothing, and they have all done a great job this year, and I cannot wait to see what they accomplish in the future.  

Next, I want to recognize my Editorial Board. First off, Katelyn Oswalt has stepped up to be the Copy Editor this past semester and has done a fantastic job. Another new edition this year has been Jackson Mischler, our advertising editor/manager (we still haven’t settled on a title), who has been responsible for bringing advertisements back to the Herald. I am lucky to call him a friend, and for the first time in years, the Herald is once again reconnecting with local businesses. Next, Jack Hanson and Kyle Mast, the two design editors who produce the lovely magazines you are hopefully reading this letter in. Kyle will be the one holding the reigns next year as the Editor-in-Chief, and I have full confidence that the Herald will thrive under his leadership.  Next, Hrithik Biswas, my right-hand man, and our Operations Manager. Hrithik has been an amazing leader and friend, and his innovation and passion have been a blessing to the staff and myself. Lastly, our wonderful advisor, Charlie Wilson, has been a rock for me this year. Charlie has always made time for me when I need advice, and I am so grateful for the time he has given me and the Herald.  

As I reflect on my time at the Colleges, I keep coming back to the question of what more I could have done. I only had three years here, and I did my fair share, but there was so much more I wanted to do. My hope for the future of the Herald is that it once again becomes the center of the community here at the Colleges, but for that to happen, we need more passionate student leaders to get involved. Journalism worldwide is becoming less and less popular, but the impact journalists can have on the community and world at large is tremendous. In the past, the Herald has uncovered problems in the community with investigative pieces and has also been the source for important announcements at the school, like new presidents or who the commencement speaker will be. People who write for the Herald have the opportunity to make a massive impact, and I hope that students will realize this and join one of the oldest and, in my opinion, best newspapers in the country.  

I am going to miss the Herald and the Colleges, so thank you to everyone who has been a part of my time here. With that, I will conclude my longwinded farewell address and time as a member of the Herald. Student journalism is crucial to any college campus, and I am honored to have served as the steward of this amazing paper. We truly are a voice for the students, and I cannot wait to see who else gets involved.  

Paul Janes  
Editor-in-Chief of the Herald 

Paul is a member of the class of 2024, double majoring in Classics and Philosophy. He is from Grand Rapids, MI. He has been a part of the Herald for three years, two years as a Design Editor, and now as...

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