Jenna Hyman is a senior graduating this spring with a B.S. in Chemistry and a minor in dance. Jenna’s passion for dance and natural inquisitiveness from a young age have guided her to where she is today. As an artist with a sharp and analytical mind, she excels in the numerous leadership roles she holds on to campus. She is an Organic Chemistry Teaching Fellow, a Lead Community Assistant for the MiniQuad neighborhood, Co-President of Kinetic Dance Collective, and Co-Captain of Hip~NotiQs Step and Dance Team. All of these roles have helped her further the community at the Colleges and develop her professional skills. In the fall, she will go on to pursue a Chemistry Ph.D. at the University at Buffalo. The Herald sat down with her to reflect on her experiences at the Colleges. 

Courtesy of Jenna Hyman

Why is your campus involvement important within the space of dance, campus life, and Teaching Fellows? How does this relate to your passions?  

My campus involvement helps me engage with so many interesting minds to put on crowd-pleasing events where lasting relationships are built and strengthened. It also allows me to meet people where they are and to help them feel more confident in their ability or style of learning.  

What were your goals as a leader as it pertains to serving as President of the Kinetic Dance Collective and Lead Community Assistant?  

My aim is to ensure that every individual leaves with a better feeling than they had when they arrived. I interact with people on their good and bad days in all of my student leadership roles, and the most fulfilling experience is when I have made a positive impact on someone’s life. 

Reflecting as a senior, have you made your mark at HWS, leaving behind a legacy? 

I have made a mark on this community, which I am proud to have achieved. However, rather than a legacy, I am leaving behind a guide. It is my hope that those I have engaged with, as well as those who will take on my responsibilities, have observed my actions and are able to either incorporate my approach or take steps to enhance it for the betterment of the community. 

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