Dear Readers of the Herald,  

The end is in sight! Only a handful of weeks are left in the year, which is always a bittersweet time. This is not the last Herald edition of the year, however, so I will save my closing remarks for that letter.  

The last month has been eventful for the colleges and has given the community a lot to celebrate. Last night at the Blackwell-Hale Academic Awards, a speaker said that we had entered the “season of celebration,” something with which I wholeheartedly agree. Hobart Hockey won its first national title in program history, Bill Woodson started his time as Vice President of DEI, and the Anderton Family Forum welcomed Marie Yovanovitch to speak on campus; you get the point. In this edition, you will see articles highlighting some of these events that gave us a cause to celebrate and more.  

You will also see some articles focusing on Geneva itself, something I could not be happier about. It is easy as students to forget that there is more to Geneva than the colleges. Sure, we go into Geneva for food, groceries, and fun, but we forget that when we all go home for a break, there is still a town left behind filled with people who have their own stories to tell. One of the responsibilities of the Herald is to highlight what is going on in the town that hosts us, which we do in this edition. We have articles about downtown Geneva recovering from the “COVID hangover” and the Geneva Green Committee, which focuses on how Geneva is trying to become a more sustainable city.  

A lot is going on in Geneva, and I encourage everyone reading this to be more aware of how they interact with our host city. We, as students, are only guests here, but for 12,000+ people, this is their home. The next time you go out to eat or to a bar with your friends, try and have a genuine conversation with the lovely people that call Geneva their home. They welcome us into their businesses every day with kindness and smiles, and I have seen too often that kindness being thrown back into our host’s faces. 


Paul Janes  


Paul is a member of the class of 2024, double majoring in Classics and Philosophy. He is from Grand Rapids, MI. He has been a part of the Herald for three years, two years as a Design Editor, and now as...

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