Opinion on Freshman Orientation

By Paulina Tejada ’25 Staff Writer There were many aspects of freshmen orientation that made it a memorable time for all of us first years. There was a mixed bag of fun activities, information, and new friendships. Even though many people could say that through orientation they forged new bonds with their peers, there seemed to be a disconnect between the time that we as … Continue reading Opinion on Freshman Orientation

Campus COVID-19 Policies

By Brayton Slusser ’23 Staff Writer The health and safety of students, faculty, and staff are the primary concerns of Hobart and William Smith Colleges this academic year, ensuring that students can fulfill their academic goals, while still preventing the spread of Covid-19. With many of last year’s major restrictions being lifted, the administration is focused on returning the campus to certain stages of normalcy, … Continue reading Campus COVID-19 Policies

President Jacobsen Confident in HWS Athletic Programs Amidst COVID-19

By Jaheim Javel Pierre ’25 Staff Writer Upon arrival three years ago, President Joyce Jacobsen was impressed and excited about the activities and athletics programs at the Colleges. Jacobsen told the Herald she “enjoyed the activities fair” and she was “impressed by the level of student creativity that is expressed through the development of the variety of clubs on campus.” According to the president, the … Continue reading President Jacobsen Confident in HWS Athletic Programs Amidst COVID-19

Global Village at HWS

By Kseniya Slutskaya Herald Contributor Six Fulbright recipients from different parts of the world came to HWS this year to both teach their native languages and study. The Fulbright is the US program which provides grants for foreign students to travel to the US and be Foreign Language Teaching Assistants (FLTA) as well as for the American students to go abroad for the same reason. … Continue reading Global Village at HWS

Kinetic Dance Collective to Host Annual Performance November 12th and 13th

By Molly Matthews ’22 Staff Writer Need something to look forward to this semester? The Kinetic Dance Collective, previously known as the Koshare Dance Collective, will once again be putting on their annual performance at the Smith Opera House on November 12th and 13th. There will be 19 total dances in the show and a total of 102 dancers taking part.  While the name is different the group itself remains … Continue reading Kinetic Dance Collective to Host Annual Performance November 12th and 13th

Davis Gallery’s Fall Exhibit: Telluric Transformations

By Rafael Aguilar ’25 Staff Writer At the end of August, the Colleges’ first exhibit of the 2021-22 school year started with the showing of Telluric Transformations. Rebecca Murtaugh, the John and Anne Fischer Professor of Fine Arts at Hamilton College, presented 25 different sculptures. These sculptures aimed to capture the relation between nature and humanity’s manipulation of it. Entering this fall semester, this acknowledgment of humanity’s connection with the world is necessary, because … Continue reading Davis Gallery’s Fall Exhibit: Telluric Transformations

Writing Colleagues Host Antiracist Developmental Workshop

By Mary Hanrahan ’22 and Abby Leyson ’22 Staff Writers On September 5th, the Writing Colleagues program held its first professional development workshop of the year with a focus on antiracist pedagogical practices. The five-hour long program involved remarks given by various members of the program, several group activities, large group discussions, and a presentation by visiting speaker Alex Hanson. The large group discussions were … Continue reading Writing Colleagues Host Antiracist Developmental Workshop

It’s Time to Divest, HWS

By Mikayla Gullace ’22 Herald Contributor The past few months have undeniably shown record effects of climate change, ranging everywhere from some of the most destructive hurricanes in history to rampant forest fires across the globe. These natural disasters tend to impact marginalized groups, specifically people of color, more than any other. According to many scientific studies, two-thirds of the emitted greenhouse gases triggering these … Continue reading It’s Time to Divest, HWS