Ecology, Politics, and More with Meghan Brown

This week The Seneca Scene welcomes Professor of Biology Meghan Brown. Professor Brown is an aquatic ecologist that has done research in the finger lakes and all around the world including Italy, Guatemala, Australia, and Siberia. We have an interesting discussion about their work with invasive species in the finger lakes, the relationship with politics and science in the world, and climate change. Professor Brown also … Continue reading Ecology, Politics, and More with Meghan Brown

Career Journeys: Warren Littlefield ’74

On this episode of Career Journeys we have Warren Littlefield ’74 on the phone from Toronto. Littlefield graduated from HWS with a degree in psychology before beginning his career in television. He is the current Executive Producer of the Emmy award-winning shows Fargo and The Handmaid’s Tale. Previously, he was President of NBC during the Must-See TV era and helped shepherd in hits like Seinfeld, E.R., … Continue reading Career Journeys: Warren Littlefield ’74

Money, Mindset, and Meaning with Craig Talmage

This week The Seneca Scene welcomes Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurial Studies Craig Talmage. Professor Talmage has a PhD in Community Resources and Development from Arizona State University and has a strong background in entrepreneurship. We discuss many topics including his journey to HWS, key skills that every entrepreneur need in order to succeed, and how the entrepreneurial studies minor can help you develop a mindset that will benefit … Continue reading Money, Mindset, and Meaning with Craig Talmage