By  Pamela Icyeza ’19

This piece was conducted as an in-person interview with a single question asked: “What has been your experience at HWS as a person of color and international student?” The student’s response was transcribed and approved by the interviewee prior to publication.

My experience as a student of color here has been overall positive. I have had the pleasure of being deeply integrated in both my departments- Political Science and Economics. I have also had the pleasure of spending majority of my undergraduate career engaging with the IC—a place I consider to be the perfect bridge between the social and academic. Through the IC I have had both guidance to help me integrate my departments, but have also been given the opportunity to help other students do the same. Be it through tutoring my peers who are in the same fields as me, or even in simply sharing my experience— I have found the IC to be a safe space that has truly enhanced mine and my peers experience here at HWS.

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