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This week The Seneca Scene hosts a conversation with two student leaders who are on the boards of political groups at HWS: Alex Dubin ’20 from Young Americans for Freedom (YAF) and Josh Harper ’19 from Young Americans for Liberty (YAL). This episode was recorded before any of their recent events this semester and focuses on their groups’ missions and ideals. The Herald and Seneca Scene maintain their commitment to remaining non-partisan; they do not endorse, and will not comment, on any of the actions from these groups on campus. This episode is meant to inform listeners and the campus community about YAF and YAL and does not include any stark political statements, endorsements, or mentions of upcoming events.

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The Seneca Scene is the podcast for the Herald and is recorded each week on the campus of Hobart and William Smith Colleges.

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  1. The YAF representative should have look at the history of YAF & should know it. Where the YAF representative seems to struggle for answers to the YAF position on topics the YAL representative has no problem stating the position. It’s quite interesting.
    I think the biggest mistake made by YAF was when they pushed Ron Paul out. YAF had shown they clearly do not represent the same views of the “Founders/Farmers of the Constitution”.
    Ron Paul was not an isolationist as YAF & Democrats tried to make him out to be. YAL is making that clear. An isolationist would not do business with other countries. As Ron Paul said when quoting on of the founders “be fair in dealings (doing business) with all countries.” I agree with Ron Paul in that our military should not be occupying other countries nor should we be protecting other countries unless they pay for it.

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