The students in the Studio Art senior seminar completed a major part of their capstone experience with artist talks and a gallery opening on Thursday, November 29. The students – Niki Russell ‘19, Caroline Mackin ‘19, Bradley Grayson ‘19, Rachel Geiogamah ‘19, and Katherine Dymes ‘19 – collected pieces that were representative of their artistic journeys. In a short presentation, they each discussed their evolution as artists and showcased some of their own work.

In the gallery itself, titled Art Now, the students examined their art through different lenses. Geiogamah looked at pop art – specifically memes – while Mackin focused on a new way of displaying drawings, which were strung up in the corner of the gallery. Each area represented the artist’s unique take on the function and purpose of art in the world, but they were all different in how they explored that from the pop art and drawings to landscapes and abstract photographs. The work represents an array of talent in the senior class and the varied artistic sensibilities that the students possess.

When asked about the gallery, Niki Russell responded that “Art now, what our show was supposed to be about, is hard to make when it’s for a grade. It makes it hard to care about. But even if we each did just what was necessary for the grade, I think we each came up with some good art.”

This gallery represents only a part of the incredible work the students have been doing throughout the semester as many of them are attempting new forms like sculpture and design as well as they continue to explore what it means to create art now.

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