By Abbey Frederick ’20

Managing Editor

This month, the Davis Gallery began its 2018-2019 exhibition lineup with the Faculty Exhibition, featuring artworks in sculpture, printing, photography, drawing, digital rendering, fashion, installation, and textile arts.

This collection displays the wide range of talent held by the faculty of the Department of Art and Architecture. The Davis Gallery usually features the work of one faculty member each academic year, but this year’s group exhibition displays the works of eight faculty members: Ted Aub, Michael Bogin, Christine Chin, Gabriella D’Angelo, Alysia Kaplan, Kirin Makker, Nick Ruth, and Phillia Yi, each of whom ground their scholarship and teaching in artistic practice.

The diverse pieces of artwork in the exhibition were carefully curated to interact with one another and with the Davis Gallery space. The entire department worked collectively to install the exhibition, led by Anna Wager, the Davis Gallery’s new Curator.

Wager is especially excited to share this exhibition with the HWS community because of “the variety and creative range, materials, and techniques of the pieces, which respond to topics relating to health, equity, social justice and housing, music, movement, and the processing of political events.”

In the Solarium Gallery, visitors can see the Womb Chair Speaks installation, an in-progress piece that explores “material culture, conceptions of feminine/female identity, and women’s health,” according to Wager. As an artwork that engages with the concept of slow growth over time, the Womb Chair Speaks installation invites visitors to witness and interact with the object as it is transformed over the course of the month of September.

Gabriella D’Angelo’s Garmitecture series is also on display; it examines “clothing as wearable architecture and as potential sources of safety and shelter.”

A closing reception for the Faculty Exhibition will be held on Friday, September 28th from 5-7 p.m. Many of the artists will be in attendance to engage with viewers and celebrate the creative work of the department faculty.

Coming up from October 12th until November 9th, the Davis Gallery will display Mara Baldwin’s Infinitely Able exhibition, which explores the legacies of the Shakers through lenses of memory and survival, labor, tradition, and utopia.

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