By Mary Warner ’21

Arts & Entertainment Editor

A new exhibition is on display at the Davis Gallery at the Houghton House, called “Choices from The Collections.”  Architects, Art Historians, and Studio Artists from the Colleges have chosen their favorite pieces from The Collections to be showcased.  The exhibit also includes explanations of why the specific pieces were chosen to be shown in this context.  The works highlight the interests and specialties of the department, as well as showing the individual viewpoints of those that chose the works to display.

The Collections, some of which can also be explored online, include works from international artistic traditions such as Korean, Russian, and Indian art.  There is also a Historical Collection which is comprised of works that are with historical importance to Hobart and William Smith Colleges.

The Davis Gallery is an art gallery at Houghton House that has six art exhibitions each year available for view by students and community members.  It begins each year with a faculty exhibition and ends with a student exhibit. The “Choices from The Collections” exhibition is dedicated to celebrating the Davis Gallery and all it does to contribute to the artistic culture on campus, especially its importance as an exhibit space for the Department of Art and Architecture.

Since HWS is a liberal arts college, we are nothing without our arts departments.  This exhibition allows students who are not involved with fine arts on campus to learn more about the culture of the departments and the art that is housed in the Collections.  It also shows visitors of the gallery more about the intellectual, personal, and professional perspectives of the members of the Department of Art and Architecture.  Each member who chose a piece also wrote an essay explaining why and how they chose the art.  Visitors should look at the art as multiple mini-exhibitions within an umbrella of the art collection.

The Colleges’ art collection helps to promote education and research for arts students or non-arts  majors  who want to incorporate art into their interdisciplinary studies. Art galleries on campus are vital because they fuel creativity and provide inspiration to art historians, artists, designers, and art lovers.  Art can and should be incorporated into every student’s life in college and after graduation because it broadens the mind and helps to inspire new thought patterns.  Every visit to the Davis Gallery can help to stir creativity and expand perspectives, especially when visiting such a one of a kind, varied exhibition as “Choices from The Collections.”

The exhibition will run from March 2 through April 6, although it will be closed from March 17 to 25 for spring break.  There will be a reception for the exhibit on Friday, March 2 from 6 to 8pm.

The reception on March 2 will also include a 10 year celebration of the Davis Gallery at Houghton House with special hostess Kim Wilson Vincent! The event is to “honor the people who have supported and appreciated the visual arts on campus.” Join for the food, drink, and good company – stay for the amazing pieces of art and great stories. Art for Art(‘s Sake) on March 2 from 6:00pm-7:30pm at the Davis Gallery in Houghton House.

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