Journey Beyond: An Interview with John Grotzinger ’79

By Quinn Cullum ’18 News Editor As announced on February 9, John Grotzinger ’79  will  be  giving the Commencement address for the classes of 2018. He studied Geoscience, was a member of the Hobart Lacrosse team, and a brother in Theta Delta Chi while at Hobart. Now an accomplished geoscientist and an endowed chair at CalTech, he upholds the liberal arts philosophy and he reflected … Continue reading Journey Beyond: An Interview with John Grotzinger ’79

A Plea for Renewed Student Autonomy

By Dominique DeRubeis ‘18 and Ryan Skinner ‘19 Herald Contributors What is it like to be a member of the Budget Allocations Committee? In one word: frustrating. In many more words: a unique opportunity to maximize opportunities and events on campus for other students. Too often, BAC is seen as an impediment — another perimeter of red tape— to student clubs and organizations. At its … Continue reading A Plea for Renewed Student Autonomy

Davis Gallery: 10 Years of ‘Choices’

By Mary Warner ’21 Arts & Entertainment Editor A new exhibition is on display at the Davis Gallery at the Houghton House, called “Choices from The Collections.”  Architects, Art Historians, and Studio Artists from the Colleges have chosen their favorite pieces from The Collections to be showcased.  The exhibit also includes explanations of why the specific pieces were chosen to be shown in this context.  … Continue reading Davis Gallery: 10 Years of ‘Choices’

Annual Finger Lakes Photo/Plays Showcase Creative Spirit

By Grace Ruble ’21 Herald Contributor On Friday, February 23, HWS students and faculty, as well as members of the Geneva community gathered at the Smith Opera House for the reveal of a photograph taken by HWS’s Chief Photographer Kevin Colton. This photo would serve as the inspiration for seven plays to be written that night, then rehearsed and performed for an audience the next … Continue reading Annual Finger Lakes Photo/Plays Showcase Creative Spirit

Food Pantry Opens for Students

By Wren Andrews ’21 Herald Staff Following the recent addition of Au Bon Pain, renovations to SAGA, and revised meal plan options including docked hours of food availability, elimination of meal swipes outside of SAGA, and a mandate for all first years to purchase the most expensive meal plan, food and nutrition on campus have been contemptuous topics of discussion. These changes have been even … Continue reading Food Pantry Opens for Students

Illness Strikes HWS

By Ryan Skinner ’19 Herald Contributor ​As the United States endures a national flu pandemic, concern has risen among many students at HWS about health standards at the colleges. This concern was exacerbated by a small outbreak of influenza and influenza-like illnesses on our campus. Rumors began to swirl about quarantines being imposed on certain residences. Students may have noticed their professors liberalizing their policies … Continue reading Illness Strikes HWS

Role of the Student Trustee

By Abbey Frederick ’20 Herald Staff Three times every year, the Hobart and William Smith Board of Trustees assembles to discuss issues on campus, meet with faculty, clubs, and sports teams, and make crucial decisions about the future of the Colleges. The Board includes alumnae and alumni from the class of 1961 to the class of 1996 and from a wide range of professions. It … Continue reading Role of the Student Trustee

‘Ding Dong!’ The Library is Dead

By Kathleen Fowkes ’18 Herald Contributor As full-time college students, I can, with almost absolute certainty, guarantee that each and every single one of us has a moment in our day where we hate everything about existing on this campus. A moment where all we really want is some peace and quiet. To not have to listen to that *one, specific* Hobart student talk about … Continue reading ‘Ding Dong!’ The Library is Dead

HWS Social Norms and Just Facts

By Phoebe MacCurrach ’18 Staff Writer The intent behind the HWS Just Facts campaign is in the right place, but the fact is that there’s more to the number we are presented with than what they are showing. For every time, we see that “80% of students never engage in unintended sexual activity as a result of drinking during the academic year” we also know … Continue reading HWS Social Norms and Just Facts

Accessibility & Inclusivity at HWS

By Phoebe MacCurrach ’18 Herald Staff Access is not a privilege or a convenience but a fundamental human right. Without equal access, there is no equality. Our understanding of disability has grown, we know now that it is a spectrum, you meet a person with a disability and you have only met one person with a disability. From physical disabilities to learning disabilities to psychological … Continue reading Accessibility & Inclusivity at HWS

Lack of Engagement with WSC & HSG Elections

By Dan Bristol ’18 Managing Editor Another William Smith Congress and Hobart Student Government election passed at the end of January with a worryingly small amount of fanfare. Not only did students pass through the two-day period in which the polls were open unaware of the election, but most positions were also uncontested. Of the eight positions up for election across the two governments only … Continue reading Lack of Engagement with WSC & HSG Elections