By Dan Bristol ‘18

Editor in Chief

Hobart and William Smith’s newest Greek organization was revealed on October 16 as the new men of the Upsilon Pi chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha were unmasked in the Vandervort Room. Alpha Phi Alpha joins Theta Phi Alpha and Sigma Chi as a new addition in a flurry of new Greek organizations as the third in as many years to be added to campus.

The journey for the men of Alpha Phi Alpha began four years ago when Mike Ortiz ’16 teamed up with Dean of Students and Alpha Phi Alpha Brother Montrose Streeter. While the Upsilon Pi chapter began accepting applications for membership in 2014 it took several years to gather a brotherhood, and the first members were revealed in this October ceremony.23158099_1718491314851984_1544666789_o

Alpha Phi Alpha was the first fraternity established for African American men, and has notable alumni such as Martin Luther King and Justice Thurgood Marshall. Newly inaugurated HWS President Gregory Vincent is also an Alpha Phi Alpha.

Alpha Phi Alpha focuses on stepping as tool in forming brotherhood, as was displayed in the reveal. To Alpha Phi Alpha Upsilon Pi chapter president Sadeek Walker ’18 stepping is a way to build brotherhood. “Stepping shows us that we must learn to follow in order to lead” said Walker “Dancing teaches us to be self-aware and connected to our brothers, if one brother falls it is up to all of us to pick him up.”

The fraternity has three main programs nationally that the Upsilon Pi chapter at Hobart will grow to be a part of: “Go to High School, Go to College” an educational program promoting the advantages of completing high school and college, “A Voteless People is a Hopeless People” promoting voter awareness and political engagement, and “Project Alpha” a sexual education program for boys between 12 and 15 years that aims to promote responsibility.

Looking at the future of his fraternity Walker sees his role as “laying the foundation of leadership for future men of color and all future men of Hobart” While Walker will not be around to see his fraternity take off, as he prepares to graduate this May, he hopes to see Alpha Phi Alpha focus on promoting leadership development and continue to emphasize academics.

Following their commitment to academics, Alpha Phi Alpha at Hobart does not have “pledging” or “pledges,” rather their new member program called the Initial Membership Development Process (IMDP) is all classroom based focusing on the history of the fraternity and bonding with their new brothers.

The Upsilon Pi chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha currently has 14 members, although Walker looks forward to seeing it “hopefully double or even triple in the next year.”

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