By Jack Krivit ’21

Staff Writer

As of this school year, the Career Services Office is offering students a revolutionary new way to connect and interact with recruiting employers and build their career community. This program, known as Handshake, offers guidance to students who are looking to find and achieve the best jobs and internships available to them in a personal way.

Handshake is a fast-growing team of 80 based in San Francisco that currently partners with over 400 universities, uniting them into one powerful network. This makes it easy for the 200,000 companies involved to efficiently recruit students from schools where students are not traditionally recruited. According to Jacki Baroody, a Career Services Administrator for the Salisbury Center for Career, Professional and Experiential Education, Handshake offers companies a broad scope of talented students to consider. “A bank may typically look at schools with specific Finance majors,” says Baroody, “whereas companies who use Handshake are able to reach out to other schools, as well, who may have Economics majors like ours and still recruit good candidates. This not only increases the breadth and scope of opportunities for students, but it also gives partnered universities the data and tools necessary to help students build meaningful careers.”

Handshake is a place where students can also register for all career services events and workshops, and even apply for job shadow and career treks such as Day on the Hill, NYC Finance, and Boston Non-profits day.

If you are an HWS student who is interested in starting today, visit this link:

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